Journeys of a Hometown Girl

CAROL M. HIGHSMITH, a distinguished American photographer has photographed the American scene for more than 25 years.

Born in 1946, in what was then known as Leaksville, Carol spent the summers of her youth on her “Granny’s” Tobacco Farm in Madison, North Carolina.

CAROL M. HIGHSMITH is donating her life’s work of more than 100,000 images, copyright-free, to the Library of Congress, which established a rare one-person archive. Out of 14 million images, the Carol M. Highsmith collection is featured in the top six collections alongside those of fellow photographers Mathew Brady and Dorothea Lange

In February 2012, CAROL M. HIGHSMITH ,Visited the Museum and Archives of Rockingham County, prior to it’s opening and has generously donated images from her collection for display within the Museum and Archives.

Roy Sawyer video-tapes an interview with America’s Photographer Carol M. Highsmith, who visited Rockingham County to plan her exhibition at the MARC, recently.

RCHSMA thanks Carol M. Highsmith for generously sharing her photographs of Rockingham County.

We appreciate Roy Sawyers, who covers the latest news about Wright Tavern and the MARC at He is donating his time and skills to create a video to accompany the Carol M. Highsmith Exhibition, opening August 11th at the MARC. Thanks to Patience Fairman and Reidsville’s Holiday Inn Express for providing lodgings for her the Highsmith party. And, thanks to Kimberleigh and Gary Forrester and their staff at the Celtic Fringe in Reidsville, who made dinner an extra-memorable event.

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