MARC Mission, Purpose & Organization


MARC is a mission-driven organization dedicated to preserving, promoting, disseminating, and exhibiting the history, culture, human and natural resources of Rockingham County, North Carolina, for the benefit of present and future generations.

A 25-member Board of Directors, comprised of community leaders from throughout the county, is responsible for oversight of MARC activities and affairs. A full-time executive director, a part-time administrative assistant, working committees and a small volunteer guild operate the museum and historic site.


Funding support to meet annual and special budgetary needs is raised by the board and staff from individuals, companies, foundations and government entities and through sponsorships, memberships, admission costs, gift shop sales, space usage and program fees.

MARC’s purpose is to keep history alive in Rockingham County by

• Collecting, storing, managing and preserving the objects (artifacts, photographs, documents, oral histories, etc.) of local and historical significance using museum best practice standards,

• Conducting careful research to present authentic, inclusive history in diverse areas of interest to the community,

• Creating professional, relevant and relatable exhibits that reflect the history of Rockingham County and highlight the people, places and events that shaped the county and its culture,

• Supplementing history education in local schools and home-schooling families through field trip services, in-school and afterschool programming, clubs, history fairs, etc., and by

• Offering a broad array of educational programs to the general public from guided tours of Wright Tavern Historic Site to scholarly and community programming.

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