Mule Team Safely Delivers Master Home

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Horace P. Moore and Lulu Turner were married in 1900 with a sunrise wedding at Callands, Virginia. After the wedding they were driven to Bethany, North Carolina in the horse drawn surrey that Horace selected for the trip. “Miss Lulu”, with her trunk and her side saddle stored in the surrey, considered herself a “Blue Blood Virginian”, and she probably wondered what on earth she was getting into.

The couple first lived on a farm south of the Bethany-Intelligence Road that was purchased by Horace in 1899. Five children were born there. The three to survive infancy were Annie Mae, Katie, and Penn Moore.

In 1911, Horace bought the Mosley Farm, and the family moved into a small log cabin on the property. Two more children, Virginia and Barnett, were born there in 1915.


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