Extraordinary opportunities require extraordinary effort. The opportunity to open the MARC with a Smithsonian traveling exhibit and an extraordinary display by a talented and internationally renowned photographer will require financial support for the effort. We need to reach and hopefully exceed our goal of raising over $135,000 in private donations, as well as seeking grants and corporate contributions of $195,000. We can do it. It will take all of us to accomplish it.

The donations we receive exceeding our 2011 Challenge Grant goal demonstrated a strong foundation of support from people across Rockingham County. However, creating the professional museum facility and programs that are planned for the MARC will require substantial and long-term investments, in addition to grass-roots support.

We encourage all RCHSMA members and friends to assist in fundraising efforts. If your employer makes matching gifts to charities, be sure to request those funds when you give to RCHSMA. If you are associated with an organization or foundation or if you have relationships that could gain corporate donations, you can be the catalyst to encourage these investments in the MARC. Contact Kim Proctor, Executive Director, to arrange for presentations or documentation that would be needed to secure these sponsorships. Investments in the MARC will become our gift to the generations to come.

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